• With Pet Haven, your pets are in truly caring hands. Your cat, dog, bird, or pet of any type is welcome
Unlike others, we, as owner-operators, personally handle the cremation process. We take pride in being the exclusive pet crematory that conducts our own cremations, ensuring a trusted and compassionate experience for your beloved companions.
  • Door to door service in NYC metro area (Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Long Island) and the rest of the Tri-state area (Connecticut, New Jersey, Westchester County, and Pennsylvania)
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Pets are our joy, our comfort, our companions, and so much more. With their passing, our love and attachment is expressed with as much sorrow and grief as with any other family member. It is with love that we wish to prepare a final resting place for our pets. Pet Haven Services is able to offer your pet that final resting place. Let the caring staff at Pet Haven provide you with the services that your pet deserves.

Thank you for your kindness and caring.– Ann C., 2005

Private cremation services for any size or type of pet are performed by dedicated professionals in owned facilities.



I came across Pet Haven shortly after my cat passed away on August 19th. I called them around 7:30am and they quickly responded to me. Q, who was the gentleman who picked up her body was able to get to me in under an hour. He was very kind and compassionate. I'm so glad I gave them that call because I was able to entrust my sweet girl to such wonderful people. I was also surprised at how affordable their services were. The owner sent me a kind message when he shipped out her ashes to me and it meant so much to me. Thank you for everything you all do. I know she was treated with dignity. I will definitely turn to Pet Haven again (hopefully not for a while lol) when the time comes for my other cats. Again, thank you all for making a difficult time a little easier ❤️

- Ariel Guiot

  • Private Cremation Prices:

    Includes pick-up (from home or vet hospital), return, and a beautiful polished cedar-box urn

    • $300 - SMALL PET (0-30 LBS )
    • $350 - MEDIUM PET (30-60 LBS)
    • $400 - LARGE PET (60-90 LBS)
    • $450 - X LARGE PET (90+ LBS)

    Video-recording available (no extra charge) by advanced request

  • Non-Private Cremation Prices:

    Includes pick-up (from home or vet hospital), cremation, and burial of remains at cemetery

    • $200 - SMALL PET (0-30 LBS )
    • $250 - MEDIUM PET (30-60 LBS)
    • $300 - LARGE PET (60-90 LBS)
    • $350 - X LARGE PET (90+ LBS)

    Owners May Attend

    @ Secaucus, NJ or Poconos, PA

    (small charge applies)

  • -In clinic euthanasia $100

    -In-home euthanasia approximately $500

    We also offer urns, burial sites and monuments. 

    Special requests are welcome.

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  • NancyLemay
    Nancy Lemay
    Pet Haven Owner & Pet Lover

    Nancy Lemay, Pet Haven owner & pet lover.  Nancy has devoted her life to pets and enjoys the personal attention required to make end-of-life plans meaningful for pets and their owners.

    Pet Haven has serviced the NYC metro area for more than a decade. We specialize in private cremations, burials, and monuments. All our services are performed at our owned facilities and by professional staff. We never use middlemen or third-party providers.  

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Polished Cedar-Box Urn
Included with Private Cremations

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