What do I do when my pet dies?

It is common to leave the decision of disposing of your pet up to the local veterinary.  Unfortunately, doing so means you will likely never really understand what happens to your pet.  It is important that you know about the alternatives available to you.  Pet Haven Services, Inc. services New York City and tri-state area with owned facilities.  Ask your clinic/hospital to call us - or you may call us direct.  Once we receive the call, we will make the removal of your pet within 24 hours or sooner.  If your pet dies at home, call us immediately - we offer a 24-hour removal service, 7 days a week.

Where does my pet go when the removal is made?

Our crematory is located near New York City.  From the time your pet is removed from your home or clinic/hospital, your pet is tagged and brought back to our facility and does not leave our facility until it is returned.  We specialize in individual cremation -  assuring you of receiving only your pet's remains.

May I be present during the cremation?

Yes.  Please contact us directly to make arrangements.

Call us at (917) 608-9729 to schedule an appointment.